This is a distinctive peony which cannot be confused with any of Saunders’ other introductions!  Yay!  It is one of the quadruple hybrids produced late in Saunders’ career, many of which have unique coloration and are among his most unique and interesting peonies.  Very round flower. The flares become more obvious as the flower fades, so no two photos of ‘Firelight’ seem to be the same.

Cultivar: Firelight
Year: 1950
Seedling No: 16220.
Parentage: 28: lactiflora X (officinalis X (mlokosewitschii X macrophylla))
Flower: Color: rose pink with darker flares
Form: single, 12 petals (registered as semi-double)
Blooms: Week 4
Carpels: 2-4, pale green, woolly
Stigmas: dark rose pink
Disc: white, obscure
Stamens: filaments light yellow
Plant: Habit: rounded bush
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: very narrow with edges infolded
Height: 29-32″ (reported); 20″ in 2021 on a recently moved plant
Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Many specialty nurseries