Early Windflower

I was fairly certain I have an ‘Early Windflower ‘but now am wondering as I noted some discrepancies with Silvia Saunders’ description of the stamens and stems.  It is possible there was some variation among the original plants, a strain all lumped together as ‘Early Windflower’. On an older flower I’ve noticed a red tinge to the tips of the anthers like those of ‘Late Windflower’.

My plant is in full sun and has a shorter, but earlier, period of bloom compared with my ‘Late Windflower’ which is shaded.  Put this one in some shade as veitchi is commonly found in wooded areas.

Cultivar: Early Windflower
Year: 1939
Seedling No: Originally a strain, 12591-12604, 13054-13058; page 50 of Saunders’ Notebook III
Parentage: 15: anomala veitchi 6516 (from Tibet) X emodi
Flower: Color: white
Form: single, 2 rows of petals, anemone-like small flowers, some sidebuds
Blooms: Week 1
Carpels: 2, woolly
Stigmas: white
Disc: white, conspicuous
Stamens: filaments pale yellow on mine (Silvia Saunders noted “rosy”)
Plant: Habit: rounded bush
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: very narrow leaves, edged red (Silvia Saunders noted “red stems”)
Height: 35″ in 2022, foliage to 24″
Recommendation: Recommended
Availability: Few specialty nurseries