Silvia Saunders – “Large black flares help make it darker than Black Pirate or Thunderboldt. Heaviest substance.” William Gratwick – “snappy flower but less good garden plant than Black Pirate”

The first two plants I purchased under the name ‘Corsair’ turned out to be the Daphnis hybrid ‘Maria Tersessa’ so be sure to check your plant to see if it matches this description. My current plant was only obtained in 2021 so I cannot yet comment on its plant habit or height.

Cultivar: Corsair
Year: 1941
Seedling No: 12710 (L-D X Rochester Black)
Group: Black Pirate
Flower: Color: very dark maroon, almost mahogany black, large dark flares
Form: single
Blooms: Week 5
Carpels: green
Stigmas: pale pink, small
Sheath: dark purple
Stamens: filaments red, irregular lengths
Plant: Habit: [HABIT]
Foliage color: green
Foliage form: rather fine
Height: young plant so not yet known
Recommendation: Collector’s plant
Availability: Rare, no commercial source