Tiger Tiger

I haven’t seen flowers I would describe as “orange-red” as stated in both the Saunders catalogues and the APS website.  I believe my plant fits the description give by Reath and Saunders who described the color as “dusky purplish-rose with creamy tones”.


Cultivar: Tiger Tiger
Year: 1948
Seedling No: 16538
Group: Banquet


Flower: Color: pink rose with creamy tones
Form: single/semi-double, three rows of petals
Blooms: Week 5
Carpels: 6, green
Stigmas: cream with pink tones
Sheath: dark pink
Stamens: filaments red at base, shading to yellow, stamens uneven, anthers “naked”
Plant: Habit: rounded bush
Foliage color: medium green, turns purplish in summer and fall
Foliage form: average width
Height: 42″ on 7 year plant


Recommendation: Recommended
Availability: Several nurseries specializing in woody peonies


Interesting fall foliage.