‘Orion’ may become my favorite gold flowered Saunders peony!  The flower color is set off by the red tinged foliage. The heavy flowers do tend to hang down more than I’d like.


Cultivar: Orion
Year: 1948
Seedling No: 16419
Group: Golden Hind


Flower: Color: warm gold, dark plum flares
Form: semi-double, full
Blooms: Week 6
Carpels: 6, green
Stigmas: light warm pink
Sheath: light lilac pink
Stamens: filaments red at base, shading to yellow
Plant: Habit: rounded bush
Foliage color: medium green, edges tinged red 
Foliage form: slightly more narrow than some
Height: 34″ on 5 year plant


Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Rare – mine is from a European nursery