This is one of my favorite Saunders peonies. It was also one of Silvia Saunders’ top favorites and William Gratwick thought it was “pretty darned nice” too. The flower color is outstanding, opening very orange and fading to a warm gold.  The flowers are also quite full and enhanced by the abundant stamens (staminodes) giving it what Silvia Saunders would call “a big heart”. Reath and Saunders reported “bronzy” foliage and in 2022, perhaps due to an early cold spell, the foliage was somewhat bronzed or coppery.  I also recently received a photo of one at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens clearly showing bronze foliage. 

Cultivar: Harvest
Year: 1948
Seedling No: 14319
Group: Tea Rose. lutea X white tree peony
Flower: Color: light golden orange, edged and suffused pink, small dark red (maroon) flares
Form: semi-double, 5-6 rows of petals, frilled
Blooms: Week 5
Carpels: 5, green, small
Stigmas: rose pink
Sheath: lilac
Stamens: filaments light red at base, shading to yellow, likely no pollen
Plant: Habit: rounded bush
Foliage color: medium green, edges may be tinged pink
Foliage form: slightly narrower than some
Height: 45″ on 7 year plant
Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Rare