Silvia Saunders and David Reath described the flowers as “very finished” and I agree. Nassos Daphnis selfed this plant to produce ‘Calypso’ which has very similar petal coloration but pronounced dark flares and more ruffling. ‘Coronal’ seems difficult to grow and propagate and has never been widely available. In the early 1950’s, William Gratwick wrote “sell one plant only every 5-10 years and ask $400”, a sum equivalent to over $4000 in 2023.

My plant dies back to the ground every year so doesn’t achieve a great height and has failed to bloom most years. The photo is of one of its rare blooms in my garden. Dead in 2022 and I don’t have $4000 to replace it.


Cultivar: Coronal
Year: 1948 (1941 on the APS website is likely incorrect as earlier APS publications state 1948)
Seedling No: 16472
Group: Mystery


Flower: Color: ivory/pale yellow with picotee, rose pink edges
Form: single, 2 rows of petals, about 12
Blooms: [BLOOM]
Carpels: 5, green
Stigmas: medium pink
Sheath: purple
Stamens: filaments red at base, shading lighter, abundant
Plant: Habit: [HABIT]
Foliage color: slightly lighter than average
Foliage form: narrow
Height: 13″ on 6 year old struggling plant


Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Rare