Black Panther

The flowers tend to hang down which I consider a fault. ‘Black Panther’ is unique among Saunders peonies. Some collectors really like dark flowered peonies, and if you do, this one is for you! I prefer sunnier colors, perhaps because they are easier to photograph.

Silvia considered the flower color to be “black on opening, turns to crimson” and the flowers to be somewhat raggedy. Her mother Louise said it was “not a good bloomer” and William Gratwick found it disappointing.  Also it “carries its blooms high, tho they are on curved necks”. Foliage was considered ferny.



Cultivar: Black Panther
Year: 1948
Seedling No: 13030
Group: Black Pirate


Flower: Color: dark maroon
Form: semi-double, very full
Blooms: Week 5-6
Carpels: green
Stigmas: crimson pink
Sheath: dark crimson, small
Stamens: filaments red
Plant: Habit: wide bush
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: very long narrow leaves
Height: 24″ on 3 year plant


Recommendation: Recommended if you like really dark flowers
Availability: Several specialty nurseries