May Music

I realized when preparing material for this website that I did not have the correct ‘May Music’.  Fortunately a good friend has given me a piece of the one that fits the description.  However, my incorrectly named plant is very beautiful and photos of it are shown under peony mixups.  I would love to have it identified. It is a very worthy plant.

A bloom from my first year plant is shown on the right.


Cultivar: May Music
Year: 1973 (Saunders/Reath)
Seedling No: 16209
Parentage: 28: lactiflora X (officinalis X (mlokosewitschii X macrophylla))




Flower: Color: light rose pink with 7 crimson flares 
Form: single
Blooms: very early (Reath) late (Silvia Saunders)
Carpels: 2-3, pale green, almost naked
Stigmas: crimson
Disc: white, conspicuous
Stamens: red at base, shading white
Plant: Habit: upright
Foliage color: deep green (reported); I would say medium green
Foliage form: narrow, not lobed
Height: 36″ (reported); 27″ in 2022 but plant is not mature




Recommendation: Collectors’ plant
Availability: Rare