This photo was taken at Hollingsworth Nursery in 2013.  I only acquired the plant in 2019 so I can’t say much about it yet.  I hope to have more photos and comments next year.

Silvia Saunders stated the plant is very similar to ‘Grace Root’.


Cultivar: Ceceiia
Year: 1940
Seedling No: 11078. Pages 22 & 38 of Saunders’ Notebook I
Parentage: 7: lactiflora 2529 X “lobata of Perry”


Flower: Color: cherry, white flares from base
Form: single, 8-10 petals
Blooms: new plant, didn’t bloom in 2020
Carpels: 3, green
Stigmas: white
Disc: [DISC]
Stamens: filaments light yellow
Plant: Habit: spreading bush
Foliage color: light green
Foliage form: medium sized leaves, notched
Height: 16″ in 2022 on young plant


Recommendation: Reserving judgement
Availability: Rare; mine came as a gift