Blushing Princess

This peony is reported to be fragrant, perhaps due to its lactiflora parent.  It is also one of the fuller flowers among the Saunders peonies, a form preferred by many gardeners. 

My original plant obtained under the name ‘Blushing Princess’ is not correct so I ordered a second plant for fall 2021. The photo on the right shows the first flower in my garden on my new plant in 2022.  Finally, I have the correct plant!

Cultivar: Blushing Princess
Year: 1991 (Saunders/ Reath/Rogers-Caprice Farms)
Seedling No: 16350. Page 2a of Saunders’ Notebook I
Parentage: 26: lactiflora (pink Japanese form) X ‘Gwenda’; ‘Gwenda’ (14079) is an F2 of (tenuifolia X mlokosewitschii)
Flower: Color: blush pink
Form: semi-double
Carpels: 2-3, yellowish
Stigmas: red
Disc: white, obscure
Stamens: filaments yellow
Plant: Habit: [HABIT]
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form:
Height: 32″ reported
Recommendation: Recommended
Availability: Several specialty nurseries