This plant has 4 different species in its background, so is known as a “quad” hybrid.  The quads Saunders introduced often have interesting patterns not seen in other lines of peonies.  This is a very delicate and distinctive beauty.  I don’t think it is nearly as widely grown as it deserves. I love this plant!

Saunders named several of his quadruple hybrids after Greek goddesses. Artemis, daughter of Zeus, is the goddess of childbirth. Wouldn’t you like to know why he chose this particular name?

Cultivar: Artemis
Year: 1951
Seedling No: 16230 (Page 46 of Silvia Saunders’ notebook)
Parentage: 28: lactiflora X (‘Otto Froebel’ X 5397) (5397 = mlokosewitschii X macrophylla)
Flower: Color: pink and white blend; pink flares veins, and edges on white background
Form: single, flat flower with beautifully notched edges
Blooms: Week 3
Carpels: 2-4, grey-green, slightly woolly
Stigmas: deep pink
Disc: white, edged pink
Stamens: filaments red at base, fading to yellow, abundant stamens
Plant: Habit: upright
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: rather narrow leaves, incurved
Height: 34″ in 2021
Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Few specialty nurseries