Winged Victory

At least one nursery is distributing the wrong plant under this name and two different plants are shown on Carsten Burkhardt’s website.  Don Hollingsworth spied the error in my garden during the 2019 APS convention.  We had an unusual 90oday in early-mid May for our garden tour and while younger folk were huddling in the shade, Don walked the entire garden. What a trooper!

I obtained the correct plant from a friend in 2019 and the photo is of a bloom on this young plant. If you have purchased a plant under this name recently and it looks like a white lactiflora, it is not ‘Winged Victory’, a quadruple hybrid.

Cultivar: Winged Victory
Year: 1950
Seedling No: 16264. (Silvia Saunders’ notebook)
Parentage: 28: lactiflora X (officinalis X (mlokosewitschii X macrophylla))
Flower: Color: buff yellow on salmon buff (Wister)
Form: single
Blooms: reported to be early
Carpels: 2-3, green, woolly
Stigmas: red
Disc: cream, tinged light pink
Stamens: filaments light yellow
Plant: Habit: upright rounded
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: not lobed
Height: 28″ in 2022
Recommendation: reserving opinion but quadruples are usually well worth having
Availability: Rare