Time Traveler

Saunders wrote about 12189: ” This is the full duplicate of the old veitchi hybrids in color, height, leaf, and season. Sent one to Mrs. Scott. This has the long curly shoots of emodi“. (Presumably this referred to Mrs. Scott of Swarthmore College’s Scott Arboretum.) 

It was also not named or registered for many years after the cross was made which is why Peter Waltz named it ‘Time Traveler’.  A survivor, if ignored for a long time.

In 2021, Peter Waltz informed me that my plant is not Time Traveler.  A nursery mixup occurred some time ago. I am looking forward to seeing the true plant in bloom in the future. 

Cultivar: Time Traveler
Year: 2005 (Saunders/Waltz)
Seedling No: 12185-12189, likely 12189. Page 47 of Saunders’ Notebook II
Parentage: [P. emodi X 3215 P. mlokosewitschii
Flower: Color:
Disc: [DISC]
Plant: Habit:
Foliage color:
Foliage form:
Height: [HEIGHT]
Availability: Rare