Scarlet Tanager

This is one of the four “little reds” Saunders introduced from the crosses between these two European species.  Any of them are worth having in your garden. Supposedly a difficult to grow plant but it has done well enough for me.

Cultivar: Scarlet Tanager
Year: 1942
Seedling No: 9062. Page 56 of Saunders’ Notebook III
Parentage: 22: officinalis Rubra Plena X “lobata of Perry”
Flower: Color: brilliant scarlet
Form: single, 8 petals, rounded, small flowers
Blooms: Week  3 or 4
Carpels: 2-3, pale green, woolly
Stigmas: very light pink
Disc: white, partly visible
Stamens: red at base, shading to white at top
Plant: Habit: spreading bush; can sprawl
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: deeply lobed
Height: taller than the other plants from this cross; 31″ in 2021
Recommendation: Recommended
Availability: Rarely available and pricey