‘Roselette’ earned the Award of Landscape Merit from the American Peony Society for its early and abundant bloom, flowers held above the foliage, weather resistance, and foliage which remains attractive throughout the year.

Cultivar: Roselette
Year Registered: 1950
Seedling No: 16064 (possibly 16064-69). Page 2a of Saunders’ Notebook I 
Parentage: 26: lactiflora X ‘Gwenda’ ((‘Gwenda’ = (tenuifolia X mlokosewitschii))
Flower: Color: light rose pink with white flares
Form: single, 8-10 petals
Blooms: Week 2
Carpals: 4, light green, woolly
Stigmas: bright red
Disc: light pink, obscure
Stamens: filaments light yellow
Plant: Habit: spreading bush
Foliage color: light green
Foliage form: narrow leaves, mostly entire (not lobed)
Height: 36″ (reported); 32″ in 2021 but had been moved in 2019, 39″ in 2022
Recommendation: Highly recommended]
Availability: Most specialty nurseries