Red Red Rose

This cultivar tends not to stay in a uniform clump, guessing it is somewhat stoloniferous as shoots pop up at some distance from the main crown. The flowers are rounded but the sizes of petal vary somewhat.

The lower photo showing a uniform clump was taken at Winterthur in 2017.

Cultivar: Red Red Rose
Year Registered: 1942
Seedling No: 9733. Page 22 of Saunders’ Notebook I
Parentage: 7: lactiflora ‘Adolphe Rousseau’ X “lobata of Perry”
Flower: Color: glowing red
Form: semi-double, 4-5 rows (20 petals)
Blooms: Week 6 (likely earlier but mine is in shade)
Carpals: 3, pale yellowish-green, woolly
Stigmas: red, but lighter than petals
Disc: red, not very visible (Silvia Saunders’ notes)
Stamens: filaments pink at base, shading to yellow
Plant: Habit: upright
Foliage color: dark green, slightly blue tinge
Foliage form: narrow, mostly entire, terminal leaves lobed
Height: 28″ in 2021
Recommendation: Recommended
Availability: Many specialty nurseries