The flowers are very single but delicate; they tend to not be very symmetrical so will not be to everyone’s taste.  However, the beautiful foliage is reason enough to grow this plant. Its parentage is unique, and it is reported to be fertile so it should be of interest to hybridizers. I do not know of any progeny of ‘Picotee’.


Cultivar: Picotee
Year: 1949
Seedling No: 15306-16. Page 27 of Saunders’ Notebook III
Parentage: 16: #12011 corsica (Barr) X macrophylla


Flower: Color: white with pink veins and edges, giving the overall appearance of light pink
Form: single, only 8 petals
Blooms: Week 5 (mine is in some shade, could be earlier)
Carpels: 2-3
Stigmas: dark red
Disc: bright pink
Stamens: filaments are red
Plant: Habit: upright
Foliage color: medium green, shining, red stems
Foliage form: leaves entire
Height: 24″ (reported); 30″ in 2021


Recommendation: Collectors’ plant
Availability: Few specialty nurseries