Night Watch

Originally named Viking.  This peony is noted for its unusually dark flower; Silvia Saunders stated it as about the same color as ‘Reward’. I’ve only seen single flowers on my 6 year old plant although it is registered as a semi-double.  Flowers are held closely just out of the foliage. The plant foliage remains attractive throughout the season. Foliage is much wider than P. anomala foliage so my guess is it has a hybrid origin.

Cultivar: Night Watch
Year: 1950
Seedling No: 14705.
Parentage: anomala seedling (pollen parent unknown)
Flower: Color: dark red
Form: listed as sem-double, I would say single
Blooms: Week 5 or 6
Carpels: 2-3, light yellowish-green, glabrous
Stigmas: dark pink
Disc: pink
Stamens: filaments red at base, shading to white
Plant: Habit: spreading bush
Foliage color: medium green, shining, some red on stems
Foliage form: narrow, terminal leaf  lobed
Height: 28″ in 2021
Recommendation: Collectors’ plant
Availability: Rare