Matilda Lewis

This is one of the few registered Saunders lactifloras although he obviously had many lactiflora seedlings under number which he used in various crosses with other species.  Its registration date has appeared as either 1921 or 1942, but it seems more likely the earlier date is correct as it correlates with the registration date of his best known lactiflora, ‘Silvia Saunders’.

I have purchased this plant from two different nurseries and the two plants appear to be different. I am not sure which one, if either, is correct as neither are a complete match to photos supplied by others. I will be evaluating this again in 2022.

Cultivar: Matilda Lewis
Year: 1921 (according to Wister)
Seedling No: 365
Parentage: 0: lactiflora cultivar
Flower: Color: wine red (others describe as maroon)
Form: semi-double, bomb
Blooms: Week 5
Carpels: maybe none
Stigmas: none?
Disc: none?
Stamens: none?
Plant: Habit: upright, somewhat spreading on mature plants
Foliage color: medium dark green leaves, red stems
Foliage form: narrow leaves
Height: 39″ in 2021
Recommendation: Collectors’ plant
Availability: Rare