Other collectors have commented on two forms of ‘Janice’ being in circulation and, indeed, my plants from different sources do not appear to be identical.  However, ‘Janice’ fades to a silvery pink as it ages so a large planting will show different flower colors. (Lower photo taken at Winterthur.)

I cannot see any difference between this ‘Janice’ and my plant of ‘Queen Rose’.  Any comments would be appreciated.

Cultivar: Janice
Year: 1939
Seedling No: 10918. Page 47 of Saunders’ Notebook I
Parentage: 7: lactiflora X peregrina “lobata of Perry” although Saunders noted its exact parentage was unknown “but obviously a lobata hybrid”
Flower: Color: “opens salmon coral rose, pales silver ” (Silvia Saunders); white flares
Form: single, deep cup
Blooms: Week 5 (others report earlier)
Carpels: 3, green
Stigmas: pale pink
Disc: white, edged pink
Stamens: filaments pale yellow
Plant: Habit: upright
Foliage color: medium green
Foliage form: not lobed
Height: 35″ (reported), 27″ in 2021
Recommendation: Highly recommended
Availability: Many specialty nurseries